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Children's costumes are sized by AGE:

eg If your child is 7 years old, a standard 6-8 or 7-8 costume should fit.

If you have any concerns about the size, each costume has been measured to give you:


One piece bodysuit or dresses Top's or tunics
CHEST                 Under the armpits CHEST          Under the armpits
WAIST                 Natural waist WAIST          Natural waist (if applicable)
LENGTH              Shoulder to ground/hemline LENGTH       Shoulder to hemline
  WAIST          **relaxed and stretched
  LENGTH       Waist to the ground or hemline
Size 5-7 7-9
Chest cm 64 72
Waist cm 64 72
Length cm 91 94
Top 6 Pants 6
Chest - cm 70 Waist -cm 44-72
Length - cm 41 Length -cm 63

 ** If the trousers/skirt have an elasticized waistband, two measurements are given. 
The elastic at rest - and elastic fully stretched. 

NOTE:  Dress length is measured from the shoulder to the hemline
             Bodysuits are measured from the shoulder to the ankle